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Web Hosting and Domain Name Purchasing

We will guide you through the entire process of acquiring your domain name and the hosting of your web site, helping you stay in full control or your assets. Our philosophy is to provide you with excellent service by ensuring we understand your needs fully, giving you our prompt attention for any amendments or changes and endeavouring to keep your valued business. If we don't live up to your expectations then you are free and in full control to move your business to someone else.

Stay in control of your assets

Web Design and Creation

We provide a complete customized solution for your web site requirements. No templates are used as we feel that every requirement is unique in its own way. Our solution will be a totally customized creation with error free coding using only generic apps that do not detract from any search engine indexing operations. We will check all page coding to make sure is complies with the latest validation, which in turn helps with the organic indexing of your site with the search engines.

Website design and creation

Search Engine Optimization

This sounds like such a science but in simple terms it relates to the understanding of how search engine algorithms work for organic indexing of web site. We will try not to 'blind you with science' but to explain our process for SEO in very simple terms as this is a section that we believe goes hand in hand with the creation of your web site. We will provide a solution that will be able to be found without the need of paying for any kind of indexing or PPC (Pay per click) service. Over time our organic SEO will kick in and you will be found.

Search Engine Optimization

MySql Database & E-Commerce Solutions

MySql databases are a very simple way of storing or collecting information. There are many uses for using a database from simple e-news list to a full e-commerce shopping basket solution.
Why limit your web site to just providing information to your customers or potential customers. Make this your 24/7 shop front by using a shopping cart system for selling your products or services. Our shopping cart E-Commerce solutions are fully customizable to work for your business.

MySql Database solutions

On-going Support

We provide a full on-going service which can include a monthly payment plan or pay as you go. Either way we will be there for all your changes, updates and upgrades.

Service and Support

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